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Plenary Panel

“Stigma and Discrimination: A Patient Perspective” with moderator Susan Young, PhD

Susan B. Young is currently a licensed psychologist working at the Chillicothe VAMC. She has a wide variety of therapeutic skills and is a Level 2 teacher-in-training in iRest Yoga Nidra meditation working toward her full certification. Before starting work at the VA in January 2016, she worked in private practice for six years in Athens, OH. Before that, was a staff psychologist at two different university counseling centers, serving as graduate student training and group coordinator in the first job and training director in the second; she developed and coordinated eating disorders treatment teams in both centers, and championed best practice treatment for LGBTQQ people, including starting a coordinated team approach to treatment for transgender individuals and running a transgender and gender variant support group for many years. She lives near Glouster, OH, with the love of her life in an intentional community and has three adult children and one grandchild. She is an avid gardener and seed saver, and helped start a non-profit seed company as well as doing occasional gardening/cooking education in Athens in order to improve food security and chronic health concerns in the southeast Ohio region.

Lia Knox, A trans woman who lives in Athens, OH. She is an Air Force veteran and also a veteran of operations enduring freedom, southern watch, and Iraqi freedom from 2001-2004. Currently she works as a staff operator for trans lifeline, a suicide prevention/crisis intervention hotline for the transgender community serving all of the US and Canada. Pronouns: She/her




Tiffany Anderson is a 4th year at Ohio University that identifies as a nonbinary transwoman. Tiffany identifies as queer and is study Programming along with WGSS. Tiffany works at the LGBTQ Center during the school year and currently works with United Campus Ministries.





Brooke Hastings is a 29 transgender female. I have been on HRT for 4 years. She a parent is a parent of a 7 year old child. She in a non-monogamous relationship and is a stay at home parent/partner. She am adventuring into my own business. Brooke graduated from a trade school; her skill is in electricity/construction and one of these days she would like to obtain a masters degree in Electrical Engineering. 

Brief Description:

This session offers the opportunity to hear from a panel of community members who identify as transgender and gender non-conforming as they speak about their lives generally and about barriers to care including experiences with stigma and discrimination. The session will be facilitated in order to effectively manage brief interactive dialogue.



1) To foster a broader understanding of and respect for the lived experiences of transgender and gender variant folk living in rural Appalachia, for the purpose of improving compassionate and informed healthcare delivery.
2) Broaden participants’ understanding and respect with a particular focus on stigma and discrimination experiences via shared narrative.
3) Facilitate participants sharing stories in their own voices, with opportunity to exchange dialogue with the audience about these experiences.