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Closing Plenary

“How Do We Provide Gender-Affirming Care in a Rural Context?” by Jane Balbo, DO, MHA

Jane Balbo, DO, is an osteopathic family physician and an assistant professor of family medicine at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens, Ohio. Her clinical practice is OhioHealth Campus Care at Ohio University, OU’s student health center, and she is co-medical director there. She strives to provide appropriate and competent care to transgender and gender diverse patients in her practice, and to teach medical students and fellow medical providers how to incorporate this care into their practices.

Brief Description:

Dr. Balbo will summarize key learning and recommendations from the day’s conference and talk about how practices and relationships can be transformed for our rural transgender and gender-diverse communities.



1) Identify key take-aways from the day’s presentations
2) Identify key practices that participants can change in their rural communities to provide more gender-affirming care.


Presentation Slides:

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