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Breakout Session 3d

“But What About Our Elders? Issues for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Older Adults” by Theodore Hutchinson, PhD

Dr. Theodore J. Hutchinson (he/him/his) holds the B.A. in Philosophy and the M.Ed. in Educational Psychology and School Counseling from the University of Washington. With the Ph.D. in Social Foundations and the Philosophy of Education from the University of Washington, Dr. Hutchinson teaches courses in the Critical Cultural Studies in Education program. His major research interests include philosophies of education, the radical democratic community, anti-bias education, and pluralism (race, social class, gender and sexual orientation). Dr. Hutchinson also pursues scholarship using philosophical and narrative inquiry. Theo announced the affirmation of his transmale gender–socially, physically, legally and professionally–in January 2016. He is involved in providing LGBTQ Safe Zone trainings and more specifically, as an advocate and educator addressing issues impacting transgender and gender non-conforming folks.

Brief Description:

For too long, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) folks have been left behind in conversations and advocacy related to the larger LGBT community. Within the last several years, thankfully our larger societal conversations about Trans and GNC identities have opened up. Yet there is still a group of Trans/GNC who remain fairly invisible. They are our Elders.

This session is designed to identify various challenges unique to older Trans and GNC folks. We will look at both the emotional/psychological aspects of older aging Trans/GNC folks, as well as practical institutional and structural challenges. These will center around mental health, housing, isolation, relationships, long-term care, death and dying, and the unfortunate dearth of knowledgeable health care providers who serve older adults and their unique needs. Resources for providers will also be discussed and available.



1) Identify the unique challenges faced by older Trans and GNC folks, to include health care, mental health, and practical living issues.
2) Identify strategies and advocacy that can be employed to support older Trans and GNC folks.
3) Learn about resources that can be drawn upon in providing support for older Trans and GNC folks.