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Breakout Session 2d

“Voice and Language Intervention” by Sarah Taylor, MA CCC SLP

Sarah Taylor, MA CCC-SLP is a Clinical Supervisor at the Ohio University Hearing Speech and Language Clinic. Her primary focus is on the delivery of high quality educational experiences for those entering the field of speech language pathology, including exposure to the interdisciplinary nature of the profession. Prior to joining Ohio University in 2004, she served as a Speech Language Pathologist in a public high school ranked in the top 25 in the nation, acute care and skilled rehabilitation centers, and a private head injury post-acute facility. Her roles included not only clinical practice but case management experience.

As a Clinical Supervisor, she works with graduate students providing intervention to a diverse caseload. Her primary areas of practice include voice, autism, augmentative communication, and adult neurogenically based disorders. The Clinic provides learning experiences to graduate students while continuing the community outreach that is core to the IAT and the mission of the Clinic. As part of that core ethic, the Clinic serves the LGBTQ community, including transgender and gender diverse individuals refining their vocal and interpersonal communicative presentation. Their practice has grown steadily and will continue to be an integral component of our program.

Brief Description:

Speech Language Pathologists offer a unique set of skills that can support vocal identity and gender diverse interpersonal communication. This session will offer a brief overview of our role, particularly in the rural setting.



1) Discuss the importance of vocal identity for individuals
2) Identify vocal parameters most commonly associated with gender differences
3) Recognize the integration of vocal and and nonverbal communication strategies for those within the transgender and gender diverse communities
4) Explain the role of the SLP within gender diverse communities


Presentation Slides:

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